Bonus Content – Who… or What is Annabelle?

In this very short bonus content, we have a bit of a tangent. Brad and Brent discuss what they think Annabelle might actually be, and how to deal with her.

Thanks for your patience in waiting for the new episode. It will be here in a couple of days… but it’ll be worth the wait, I promise.

The Adventures of Young & Holt – Issue 12

In this issue, Young & Holt make their way to a small town with Annabelle in tow. But she’s not making everyone feel safe. Maybe a change of clothes and a hot meal will do everyone some good..

Let’s see where they’re at…

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The Adventures of Young & Holt – Issue 11

In this issue, Young & Holt do indeed find out what, or who is behind the door there were so determined to open in the back of the church. This, of course after finding the entire town of Marshal to be filled with dead folk.

The end track, ‘Reverie‘ on this episode is courtesy of Ross Budgen Music.

Also, I apologize once again for the noise reduction process in regards to the furnace blowing in the background. The weekend we recorded this, it was particularly cold, but I believe we have finally reached the end of this issue. No one is more irritated about this, than me.

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The Adventures of Young & Holt – Issue 10

In this issue, Young & Holt make their way to Fargo, but first take a stop in the sleepy town of Marshall, where the people might be taking extended naps. Speaking of sleep, the boys don’t have the best of dreams along the way.

So, let’s see where they’re at…

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The Adventures of Young & Holt – Issue 9

In this issue, Young & Holt, fresh from getting’ all cleaned up, sit down with Derek Ingersoll, and decide to gamble on their future exploits. After that, it’s time to gear up, and leave the town of Worthington.

Now, let’s see where they’re at…

Also, thanks to Plate Mail Games for their sound effects used in this Issue.

The Adventures of Young & Holt – Issue 8

In this issue, Young & Holt return to Worthington, settle some affairs, and take a well-deserved rest, and a much-needed bath. But before we begin, I want to break the fourth wall for a moment. In this issues, our players begin using two different products. One is the Savage Worlds Adventure Decks from Pinnacle. The other are the GameMastery Plot Twist cards from Paizo. Now that all those details are complete, let’s see where Young and Holt are at…

Some sound effects in this issue provided by Plate Mail Games. Give ’em a gander!

Some music provided by HDK. They have some fine RPG-inspired music and are worth your greenbacks

And of course, here’s where you can find the Crowe Brothers here.

Proud to be a Savage Worlds FAN Cast.

The Adventures of Young & Holt – Issue 7

In this issue, Young and Holt decide to journey back to the mounds of the giants, for just “one more look.” After that, they decide what they want to do about Mr. Ingersoll and Worthington. But before we begin, I want to call your attention to something rather keen. If you enjoy Deadlands, and want a little more, might I suggest you take a cotton to Sounds Like Crowes. Over there, you can listen to the exploits the Crowe brothers find themselves in.

The Adventures of Young & Holt – Issue 6

In this issue, Young and Holt find them confronting the cacophony in the cavern, dealing with not only one problem, but two. From there, they learn a little secret about someone they’ve already met. But we’ll save that for later. If I reckon right, we left last issue with a bang. We’d best see where they’re at…

Audio note. Similar problem as with the last episode. There is some background noise I struggled to remove completely. It’s only in the beginning however.

The Adventures of Young & Holt – Issue 5

In this issue, our heroes finish up the last bits and biddles of business at the Carlson Homestead, then make their way to the Mounds, in search of the truth behind this business with the Giants. And let me tell you, this issue ends with a bang. But first, it’s time for bed, so let’s see where they’re at…

Podcast Audio Note: There are portions where there is a bit of background noise. This is due to the furnace blower in the basement (it was cold the night we played). Noise reduction was applied, but it can only get so much before interfering with the dialogue.