The Adventures of Young & Holt – Issue 58 “The Showdown: Part 2”

In this issue… Young & Holt are in the final showdown with Samuel Reddington and his associates in All Seasons Valley. I’m sure, no matter the outcome, it’s not going to be pleasant.

So, let’s just dive right in and see where they’re at…

Music from this issue
Half Deaf Clatch – “Something Sinister”
Eagle Stone Collective – “Buffalo”
Eagle Stone Collective – “Evil Comes Free”
Eagle Stone Collective – “Bandidos In Transit”
Eagle Stone Collective – “Sacrificial Winchester Blues”
Eagle Stone Collective – “Three Coyotes Without Boots”
Eagle Stone Collective – “Black Birds In The Sky”
Eagle Stone Collective – “Thee First Corpse”
Eagle Stone Collective – “Dusty Coyotes, Burning Eyes”
Eagle Stone Collective – “Music For Barren Days #05”
Eagle Stone Collective – “Music For Barren Days #02”

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Gunn for Hire – Episode 19 “Bump In The Night”

Everybody knows the phrase, ‘the things that go bump in the night.’ And for our trio, there’s going to be more than a few of these things seeking them out ton this cold December night. And because trouble finds them like flies to a fresh cow pie, there’s likely going to be a lot of bumpin’ going on.

Music from this episode
Vainoras and the Altar of the Drill – “Alice”
Shirt Tail Stompers – “Broadway Holdover”
Manet – “Vendredi Noir”
Hot Sugar Band – “Keep Smiling”
Lowering – “The Bridge (M idnight Walker)”
Manet – “Zygomatic Bones for Days”
Bebopovsky and the Orkestry Podyezdov – “Предок”
Shirt Tail Stompers – “Overtime”
Hot Sugar Band – “Jumping at the Woodside”
Hot Sugar Band – “Till Tom Special”
Hot Sugar Band – “Topsy”
Hot Sugar Band – “The Sheik of Araby”
Manet – “Huldra’s Dance”
Shirt Tail Stompers – “Overtime”

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