Gunn for Hire – Episode 19 “Bump In The Night”

Everybody knows the phrase, ‘the things that go bump in the night.’ And for our trio, there’s going to be more than a few of these things seeking them out ton this cold December night. And because trouble finds them like flies to a fresh cow pie, there’s likely going to be a lot of bumpin’ going on.

Music from this episode
Vainoras and the Altar of the Drill – “Alice”
Shirt Tail Stompers – “Broadway Holdover”
Manet – “Vendredi Noir”
Hot Sugar Band – “Keep Smiling”
Lowering – “The Bridge (M idnight Walker)”
Manet – “Zygomatic Bones for Days”
Bebopovsky and the Orkestry Podyezdov – “Предок”
Shirt Tail Stompers – “Overtime”
Hot Sugar Band – “Jumping at the Woodside”
Hot Sugar Band – “Till Tom Special”
Hot Sugar Band – “Topsy”
Hot Sugar Band – “The Sheik of Araby”
Manet – “Huldra’s Dance”
Shirt Tail Stompers – “Overtime”

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