The Adventures of Young & Holt – Issue 57 “The Showdown”

In this issue… Young & Holt have found Samuel Reddington and his associates and are about to take action against the New Scientist before he can accomplish… whatever it is he’s trying to do. Porter is hot for revenge, but will it cloud his judgment? I have a feeling we are about to find out.

So, we’d best see where they’re at…

Music from this issue
Half Deaf Clatch – “Something Sinister”
Half Deaf Clatch – “El Calor Abrasador Del Dia”
Half Deaf Clatch – “La Inmensidad De La Noche”
Eagle Stone Collective – “#B Side (Bygone Days vol. 1)”
Beelzebub Jones – “Hangman’s Hill [part one]”
Beelzebub Jones – The Final Showdown
Beelzebub Jones – “Welcome to the Forsaken Territory”
Half Deaf Clatch – “A Twist In The Tale”
PlateMail Games – “Peaceful Forest”

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