Gunn for Hire – Episode 18 “The Dance”

Speakeasys in 1933 Chicago are a dying breed. In a few weeks, they won’t have to hide their dirty secrets and bathtub gin anymore. Well, the gin at least. As far as the secrets go, they’ll still be hidden and they’ll still be as dirty as the trash in a back alley after a two week garbage strike in August. But those are the secrets that Grace Gunn and Tommy Bam Bam Prue are trying to find out.

Music from this episode
Vainoras and the Altar of the Drill – “Alice”
Kevin MacLeaod – “Tango de Manzana”
Bebopovsky and the Orkestry Podyezdov – “Graveyard Romance”
Shirt Tail Stompers – “Broadway Holdover”
Shirt Tail Stompers – “Esquire Bounce”
Plate Mail Games – “Speakeasy”

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