The Adventures of Young & Holt – Issue 20

In this issue, Young & Holt, along with Joshua’s old friend, Saul have left the town of Ortonville and made their way to Fargo, hoping to rescue Porter’s friend, Regina, from the hangman’s noose. But first, they need to get the lay of the land a bit, as well as take care of some other business.

Before we see where they’re at, a bit of a note. In the interest of keeping the story moving, the basic information our posse knows about Fargo has been moved to end of the issue. It can be found around the 50 minute mark. We at the Epitaph do this because, while helpful, it’s not completely pertinent to what happens in this issue.

With all that out of the way, let’s see where they’re at…

Map of Fargo in 1880

“Gold Rush Town” sound effects by PlateMail Games

Premise of Memories Part A & B” – Wild Works 5 – Eagle Stone Collective

“Time to Kill” Benedict Edwards – A Darkling Plain