The Adventures of Young & Holt – Issue 29

In this issue, Joshua Young gets closer to his old friend, Ike. Whether he makes amends with the gunslinger or manipulates him to get closer to Reddington is for you to decide. Porter, decides to confess to Regina… most of what happened on the road to rescue her..

The cards are dealt, so let’s see where they’re at…

Music for this issue:
Intro Music – Eagle Stone Collective “Sighting at Bigtooth Ridge”
Marcus Eads – “Camp Meeting on the Fouth of July
Eagle Stone Collective – “Black Birds in the Sky”
Eagle Stone Collective – “Medley Untitled 01”
Eagle Stone Collective – “Snakes in My Veins”
Eagle Stone Collective – “Coming Storm”
Eagle Stone Collective – “John Newton’s Conversion”

Sound FX from Plate Mail Games

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Bobbie Prue provided by Meghan Caves from Saving Throw Show

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