Skies of Glass AP, episode 2

We got Eric’s character made and reviewed everyone’s plot hooks. Since Brodeur wasn’t there, I decided to do a prologue game, mostly so both GM and players could get a feel for the party. Unfortunately, that was when Karla came down with car issues. The Jeep she needed for a trip the following day had slipped its transmission right behind my car, taking both out of action. So we spent the evening helping her.

My deconstruction of the evening is…

1. Prep is an important component of a successful campaign, so I was happy to spend a little more time on it.

2. Game participants need to set aside time for a game and treat their fellow attendees with respect by honoring that commitment. However, real-life emergencies ALWAYS come first. Balancing respect and “it’s just a game” is a tricky line to walk, but there it is.