3 thoughts on “Skies of Glass AP, episode 13”

  1. This episode is so emotionally charged and weighs heavily. I feel this episode is much like the serious cliff hanger season finale of a good television show, it just has that kind of emotional impact. Also it brings up an interesting question of what do you do when a character rather integral to the cohesion of a group dies? Does the group break apart and the game get side tracked? Does a new party form? I know that the players have a bit to resolve and see where that goes, but there are things that both the players and game master need to talk about and resolve.

  2. This was an emotional episode. I enjoyed it, but I’m sad to see a favorite character go. Looking forward to the next episode, as always!

    On a technical note, it sounds like someone is bouncing their knee or drumming their fingers on the table through the whole episode. It was kind of distracting. :/

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