5 thoughts on “Skies of Glass AP, episode 8”

  1. Damn, I still have an hour to go on this, and I’m actually affected! Skin crawling, quaver in my voice, I’m actually terrified of what’s to come! Although, with regards to “we signed a contract”, wasn’t the contract simply for them to testify “what they had observed”, not necessarily speak on behalf of Culler? The lawyer in me wants to go listen to the actual contract now, because they could destroy Culler, and still be fulfilling the contract terms, if I’m right.

    Blather aside, damn this is a good AP!

  2. Once everything big happened my immediate thought was wanting to see the crew to head back to Hermann. I’m just sitting here wondering if Hermann will be brushed aside to the background for the greater conflict or be a major point of contention for the houses, either way though I think Hermann is going to be in a bad spot.

  3. It’s not my GMing style to force the group to go somewhere, but I doubt Hermann will fade into the background for several reasons…

    1. During the pre-game, at least one player said they really wanted a sense of home and community.

    2. Hermann is still too important, since the party that ends up controlling it will have won this proxy war.

    3. My best guess is the group will head south to sell their wine to Temper’s Militia. There are some plot points that might keep them there for a bit, but it still leaves them with an empty hold. If they want to keep their business going, that means heading home to get more wine.

    4. The only proof that the war is being waged because of falsehoods is in Hermann (i.e. the incorrectly dated letter).

    5. I want to avoid spoilers, but there’s a really good chance something will happen with Colonel Temper that will point them right back to Hermann.

  4. I have been listening to these podcasts everyday at work and I have found that Dan is very good at covertly foreshadowing events.There were points that he teased out about this episode last episode and a few ago. I already see some points I believe were going to come into play starting and what Dan posted here help confirm it a little. In particular Jame’s Weldon’s connection to what happened andthe favor he owes Temper.

  5. I will admit that I’m not the most observant of people, or I at least lack the ability to piece somethings together before they happen. That being said my previous comment was my instant gut reaction to events of this episode after immediately hearing it.

    As I’ve had time to think back on things and what is coming I’ve been able to figure somethings out (along with what Dan has stated). Also with that hindsight my initial gut reaction of “they need to go home” isn’t logical, both for the fact the crew has a shipment of cargo and that it (at least to me) is unknown how quickly violence will spread up to Hermann, or at all. Furthermore, Dan has mentioned wanting to highlight, if memory serves, the wilds down south so that Mortimer can be more in the spotlight. Also it would be interesting to have a glimpse into that part of the world since I myself have no idea what it looks like.

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