2 thoughts on “Skies of Glass AP, episode 52”

  1. ROFL, last episode Marlene is offering to pay 20 silver for the bridge crossing, this episode Dan is like, “take 1000 off your wealth to pay the bridge toll” and everyone is like, “yeah, sure”

  2. HAHAHA! That’s actually pretty damn funny.

    I didn’t realize how messed up that phrasing is, but the amount actually was correct. Since most of the setting is based on barter, everything has an estimated value. The 20 silver is worth 1,000 value in local barter. So I just slid my speech from “20 silver” to something that meant, “Enough wealth to equal 20 silver, I don’t care what it is.”

    For the listeners’ sake, I should have clarified that.

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