The Adventures of Young & Holt – Issue 36

In this issue, Joshua continues to visit the saloons in the town he finds himself in and was about to find out what was on the portrait carried by the mysterious stranger. A stranger, who seems to recognize the gunslinger by all accounts.

What’s really going on here? We’re about to find out, so let’s see where he’s at…

Music from this issue
Beelzebub Jones – “Welcome to the Forsaken Territory”
Eugene Regret – “My Old Saddle Pal”
Eagle Stone Collective – “Sad Clouds on the Fields”
Eagle Stone Collective – “The Beast”
Kevin MacLeod – “Saloon Music Compilation”
Eagle Stone Collective – “Latifrons Memorial”
Eagle Stone Collective – “Dead Prairie Theme”
Eagle Stone Collective – “White Sand, Dry Blood”
Eagle Stone Collective – “The First Corpse”

Some Sound FX from Platemail Games

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