Gunn for Hire – Who is Bam-Bam?

Who is Tommy “Bam-Bam” Prue?
That’s a question he’s been asking himself a lot lately. He used to know the answer before life hit him upside the head, put a slug in his chest, and fitted him for Iron Bars for the Big House.

To understand Tommy you only have to look at the bruises life gave him, then you’ll understand it only makes since that Tommy developed a strong faith, picked himself up and started throwing punches back at the world.

Boxing. Throwing punches in the ring for his glitz and glamour seeking single mother and for his greedy self serving manager, Beetle. Out of the ring, landing blows for a crime boss as an enforcer. The latter got him shot by one fiery broad named Grace Gunn and sent up the river for a stint.

Now that Tommy is back out in the world, Grace is the only one that seems to care about him being straight and narrow. Everybody else wants a piece of him to grind up, but Tommy’s faith keeps him swinging, that and his search . . .

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