Gunn for Hire – Episode 29 “Putting it Together”

Right place, wrong time. Wrong place, right time. Doesn’t matter how you slice it, there’s some places you don’t ever want to be, regardless of the time. And in 1933 Chicago, that place is a speakeasy when the coppers are on the hop. And right now, that’s where Grace Gunn, Tommy ‘Bam Bam’ Prue and Irving Holt find themselves. While trying to find Trixie, some cultists and… well something else decided to crash their party. And now the party’s over. Let’s hope this isn’t their last call.

You ask 10 people what you should do if you get into a tussle, you’re bound to get 11 answers. Regardless of what you’re told, you ultimately gotta know what you want to get out of the fight. And right now, Grace Gun, Tommy ‘Bam Bam’ Prue and Irving Holt just want to get out of the speakeasy they’re in, with their precious cargo of Trixie in tow. Of course, that also means that Stanley needs to follow. And this palook Fredrich that was trading some evening pleasantries with Grace? Well he probably wants to scram too. It’s time to settle in and see what happens.

Music from this episode
Vainoras and the Altar of the Drill – “Alice”
Zimbabwe3000 – “Jupiter Ride”
Vainoras and the Altar of the Drill – “Sharpen Your Knives On My Mistakes”
Kevin MacLeod – “Tango de Manzana”
Shirt Tail Stompers – “My Bucket’s Got A Hole In It”
Zimbabwe3000 – “What’s Going On, Rafael?”
Hot Sugar Band – “Louise”
Vainoras and the Altar of the Drill – Relief through walking the streets at night alone”
Vainoras and the Altar of the Drill – “Tripping the lowlight fantastic”
Shirt Tail Stompers – “Riverboat Shuffle”
Shirt Tail Stompers – “Maelstrom”
Shirt Tail Stompers – “Buck Fever”
Shirt Tail Stompers – “Cotton Tail”
Shirt Tail Stompers – “Sophia”

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