The Adventures of Young & Holt – Issue 61 “Dear Jasmine”

In this issue… Porter Holt is off to visit Jasmine Whately, a friend, of sorts, who promised to show Porter some deeper magical secrets. But considering recent events regarding Reddington, Porter may be in for an unexpected surprise.

Well, I guess we know where’s he’s at, so we best get there with him…

Music from this issue
Half Deaf Clatch – “Something Sinister”
Half Deaf Clatch – “💀💀💀💀💀”
Benedict Edwards – “*distance #1”
Benedict Edwards – “*distance #2”
Eagle Stone Collective – “Thanatos Theme (The Loss)”
Eagle Stone Collective – “The Drifter”
Eagle Stone Collective – “Ancient Conifers Reign”
Eagle Stone Collective – “Phoebe Ann Moses”
Eagle Stone Collective – “Untitled Desert”
Eagle Stone Collective – “Sad Clouds On The Fields”
Ross Bugden – “Reverie”

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