The Adventures of Young & Holt – Issue 53

In this issue… Young & Holt are fleeing the carnage they caused at the storage barn used by Reddington. They’re now about to take things a step further as they move to stop the scientist’s plans.

Their pieces are falling into place, so time to see where they’re at…

But before we get to the music, we’re having a contest! We’re giving away a set of Alloy dice from Norse Foundry! From now until 11:59pm on January 10th. Leave a 4 or 5 star review (hey 2020 has been hard, so no one’s perfect) on your podcast place of choice. Grab a screencap and hit your Intrepid Marshal up on Twitter with said screencap.

Music from this issue
Half Deaf Clatch – “Something Sinister”
Half Deaf Clatch – “💀”
Half Deaf Clatch – “💀💀”
Eagle Stone Collective – “The Feather Eye”
Eagle Stone Collective – “Sky Garden”
Eagle Stone Collective – “Canopy”
Eagle Stone Collective – “Swirling Cloud”
Beelzebub Jones – “The End Is Beginning”
Half Deaf Clatch – “Roll Up! Roll Up!”
PlateMail Games – “Deadlands Audio Collection – Market Day”

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