The Adventures of Young & Holt – Issue 46

In this issue, Young and Holt go back in time for a spell, and give you a bit of a peek behind the curtain as to how they escaped the dust up in Deadwood. Speaking of a peek behind the curtain, your Intrepid Marshal has asked that the opening discussion about Adventure Cards be included – as a bit of insight into how this group operates.

Well, time’s wasting, so let’s see… where they were.

Music from this issue
Beelzebub Jones – “Nicotine, Liquor & Blasphemy”
Eagle Stone Collective – Wash Pond Flats
Eagle Stone Collective – John Newton’s Conversion
Eagle Stone Collective – “Medley Untitled #01”
Eagle Stone Collective – “Coming Storm”
Eagle Stone Collective – “Meditation From Above”
Eugene Regret – “Goodbye God (I’m Going To Bodie)”
PlateMail Games – London 1860’s

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