The Adventures of Young & Holt – Issue 39

In this issue… Young and Holt are back together and about to make their way out of Grand Island and towards Denver. Why they’re going there is a still a bit of a mystery at this point, so we’ll let that be. Right now, they need to find their seats and meet the other passengers on the train.

So, without further ado, let’s where they’re at…

Music from this issue
Beelzebub Jones – “Nicotine, Liquor & Blasphemy”
Marcus Eads – “Old Molly Hare”
Marcus Eads – “Over the Waterfall”
Marcus Eads – “Brushy Fork of John’s Creek”
Marcus Eads – “Sherburne’s Polka”
Marcus Eads – “Ashokan Farewell (incomplete)”
Me-and-Music – “The Ranch of the Old Oak”

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