The Adventures of Young & Holt – Issue 34

In this issue, the battle against Reddington, Patchy and Ike isn’t looking good for our heroes. Joshua is down after losing a duel to Ike, and Porter is making a risky move against Patchy, while Regina tries to keep them at bay. It’s one down and two to go for the bad guys, so let’s see where they’re at…

Music for this issue:
Intro Music – Eagle Stone Collective “Sighting at Bigtooth Ridge”

Eagle Stone Collective “Mythical Stone Woman”

Eagle Stone Collective “Full Moon Over the Hills”

Eagle Stone Collective “Great Yellow Sun”

Eagle Stone Collective “Green Ghost”

Eagle Stone Collective “The Fire”

Busted Boot Productions – “Por Regina”

Eagle Stone Collective “She Moves Through the Land”

Eagle Stone Collective “Shallow Creek”

Eagle Stone Collective “Coming Storm”

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2 thoughts on “The Adventures of Young & Holt – Issue 34”

  1. Hey Patrick. I believe I may have already answered this on Twitter (assuming your avatars are the same).
    Editing has begun on the next episodes. It is taking a bit longer, due primarily to scheduling but also to the fact that our audio quality has improved – as we all have our own audio tracks now.

    If things go well, you should see the next issue in a couple weeks.

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